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So ein Gruppenfoto musste auch mal sein!! Man bemerke den leichten Wind.....*hehe


So a group photo had to be done sometimes! Note: the light wind ..... * hehe

Rather swimwear instead of winter clothes – 9 days in Florida are like in paradise and just as quickly sadly over again.

  So fast 9 days can be over. Especially if you feel like in paradise. It is warm, one wears short clothes and flip flops and the evenings are so pleasant that you can still sit outside. No comparison to the winter that has already come upon Germany. These cold temperatures that have been before […]


Road Trip Through Florida – My Diary – Part 5 – The Gulf Of Mexico, Beautiful Beaches, Escalations And Abandoned Places

04.03.2013 On the way to Naples – Everglades After we had strengthened us extensively in Joanie’s Blue Crab Cafe with both alligator meat and with a high calorie birthday cake , the trip went on now towards the Gulf of Mexico more specifically to the pensioners paradise Naples. A little anecdote: Since we still drove […]

airboat crew

Road Trip Through Florida – My Diary – Part 4 – The Everglades Call – Airboat Action And Pure Loneliness

03.03.2013 Homestead – Florida City After Melly had bravely withstood the pressure and survived, then first we have also filled on site with new drinks and secondly right next to McDonald’s, we also have refilled the car in the gas station and then we went straight continuing on Krome Avenue heading north. First, we had […]